Thursday, 16 June 2011

Being silly

Yesterday I had a trip to the dentist, my friend came with me as I'm such a wuss.  I usually cry after the dentist, but did really well this time & managed to maintain my dignity.  Didn't last long though; we found ourselves in the shops playing at "find the most revolting shoes you possibly can". So what do you think?

This gorgeous silver and gold lace-up numbers?

Or is this colourful mock-snakeskin detail shoe more to your taste perhaps.  These were high, I was 6ft tall and holding onto a shelf to keep upright.

My prize is going to the gold and silver ones, they cheered me up after the dentist-trauma anyhow.

Today I've been back at work in the orchard, mostly getting soaked by heavy rain showers.  It would seem we're having April's showers in June this year.

I uncovered something unusual today, - a pretty slug!  I'm not a fan of slugs, mostly because of the damage they cause, but also they are quite unattractive.  This one is nice though, look at those lovely markings.  Am I losing it?!

I've been laying out my sampler blocks so I can think about sashing colours.  I've decided I'm going to use a bright pink.

These are the two new blocks I've added:

Flying Geese, using speed piecing techniques.

I'm loving this one.


  1. Thank goodness for the fab blocks, I thought you were losing it a bit then!!

  2. LOL, those shoes are funny! They'd made a great Hallowe'en costume.


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