Wednesday, 13 July 2011

On the up

The gift cushion is complete.

I backed it in an upholstery-weight fabric from Ikea.  I like how the grey looks with the pinks on the front.

I'll see my friend tomorrow, so I hope she likes it.  Like me, she's into pink, and like me, she's a fan of the natural world, so I think it's a pretty safe bet.

This is the backing fabric I chose for my sampler quilt.  It's nothing fancy, - cheap cotton from Fabric Land in Brighton.  It's been through the washer twice now, so I'm going to start sandwiching my blocks very soon.

I nipped into Quilty Pleasures at lunch time to get my wadding.  Liz has been busy building up her haberdashery dept. so I was also tempted by these other bit and pieces.

I'm chuffed with my latest block; EricaBobSquarePants.  I followed Terri's lead with this one, who has also made this block for her sampler & pointed me in the direction of Lily's Quilts for the tutorial.  I think this has taken over from the Card Trick as my favourite block.

Other good news is that the dreaded root canal was done yesterday. I'm still on baby food, but the comfort-ability is definitley improving.  Phew. x


  1. I love a big Squarepants block!
    Super cushion x

  2. I love the Ikea fabric - I'll have to get over to Southampton sometime soon I think! and that squarepants block is amazing! I love mine too, think I might make a whole quilt out of them one day! :o)

  3. Ohhhh I love the big polka dots!

  4. The pillow looks great, I'm digging the polka dot fabric, EricaBobSquarePants is truly a gorgeous block and so glad you are healing well from your Root Canal. :)


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