Saturday, 9 July 2011

Plant of the week & present-making

In between dodging rain showers, I had a bit of time yesterday afternoon to start making this cushion.  I wanted to make a little something for the friend who really helped me out this week by lending me her car to use for work when my van was broken down.  A true savior that deserves a hand-made gift.

I love the fabrics in this so much that I'm tempted to make one almost identical for myself.  I guess it's a good sign that I usually end up wanting to keep the gifts I make.

What with my dental drama & the rain showers, work in the garden has been somewhat sporadic this week.  I'm going to reserve the Plant of the Week spot for this Osteospurmum.

Osteospurmum (Cape Daisy)

This one is very hardy and will flower all summer long.  Cuttings are super-easy and quick, as it'll put out roots wherever the stems touch the earth, so you can usually grab a bit of cutting material with roots already on. 

Gorgeous.  Now I'm off to Lewes to return the car, wonder if I'll be able to resist the fabric shop while I'm there?


  1. Pretty pressie, pretty plants. And hey, pretty sunny today too - hip hip hurray xxx

  2. Lovely to give a hand made gift with love. What a lovely friend you are and your friend too to share her car.


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