Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sometimes life sucks.

That's what a friend said earlier when I was whining to/at her.

So this is what today looks like.

It's not really been my week.  Between unsuccessful dental work (and this time I did cry, -sobbed in fact-), a broken-down van, and a big dollop of PMT, I'll be glad when this week is over.  But that is 3 things and tomorrow is when I count the end of the bad week.

It's not all bad though (and I'm blogging this to remind myself), my friend gave me this sweet little posy of flowers from her garden.

I also got an exciting parcel from the US of A, full of goodies from Jolly Goode Gal.

How excited was I when I sliced open the box to be greeted by all that pink, -it matches my kitchen knife perfectly eh!

And before being struck down by tooth infection, I've been quietly sashing my sampler blocks.

Saturday I'm going to shop for some cheapish backing fabric, so looking forward to my mouth & hormones being better for that (& van issues are sorted now).   Really, I have nothing to moan about. x


  1. You've been having as good a week as me then, except you have parcels!!

    Next week will be great!

  2. Moan all you like that sounds awful. A couple of weeks ago that was me.
    I had to go into day hospital and have my tooth extracted. I'm glad there's some good things too. Sending a big hug to you.

  3. sorry to hear you have had a lousy week. Love your quilt thought - great sashing colour!


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