Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sampler Blocks

I finished putting together the Tumbling Blocks, I just need to sew it to the background now.  I've done a numpty thing though & cut the block to 12" instead of 13" (I forgot about the seam allowances!).  Not sure what I'm gonna do, I only bought a FQ of the green background fabric, so as there's not enough left to cut a 13" square so I may have to buy another bit.  Duh.

This one is a bit of an experiment which was inspired by this tile pendant.

I made this rail fence block in class on Monday, which was nice & quick as it was done on the machine.

Lastly I've been working on the Dresden Plate block, which I really like a lot.


  1. What about framing the green on the tumbling blocks with one of the fabrics in the tumbling blocks to get it to 13"?

  2. The tumbling blocks are great! I love the colours you've used for those 3 blocks, and the dresden is great with the mixture of curves and points! :o) I have block envy... I've stalled, can't decide what to start next so nothing seems to be happening at all???


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