Sunday, 1 May 2011


Inspired by this week's hand sewing, I have dug out my little paper-pieced hexagon project.

I love paper-piecing.  My first (and favourite) quilt was made from big paper-pieced hexagons.  I sleep under it every night & somehow it means more to me because it was hand-sewn.  It was a sewing marathon no less, and there's love in every stitch.  I really must make a label for it soon.

After finishing this quilt I felt rather lost and decided to plan another hexagon project that could take me some time. . .

Every time I buy a piece of new fabric I cut a piece, or sometimes two, for this hexagon quilt.  So it's kind of like a fabric-stash memory quilt.

I haven't worked on the project since Christmas & was a little startled to discover how many hexies from new fabric acquisitions there was to be cut!

These ones below are the hexies I started sewing together at Christmas (set off a treat by my new table cloth).

I was working on Friday during the Royal Wedding (it was so quiet out there on the streets!), but I did record it to watch in the evening.  I enjoyed checking out all the hats & frocks.  I also loved the trees that lined the aisle of Westminster Abbey, - great symbolism in the choices of our native Hornbeam and Field Maple.  I also love that the trees are to be planted in the gardens at Highgrove at a later date, to outlive all of us.


  1. WOW! Love the hexie quilts - both of them!

  2. Love a bit of hand stitching too - I was doing some too at the weekend. Enjoyed the trees at the wedding too.

  3. I've never seen these 'hexies' before. Very nice!

  4. I absolutely love the idea that you make a hex or two from each piece of new fabric. Great idea. And thanks for the info about the wedding trees. Nice to know.

  5. LOVE you paper peicing , I havnt tried this yet any links to start me off? Thanks for the message on my blog, cathedral windows arnt as difficult as they look honest- iv only been quilting for a few months and if I can do it so can you promise!

  6. Love your hexie quilt. What a great idea of cutting a piece for each new fabric and making a hexie. What nice memories this will bring.


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