Saturday, 7 May 2011

Plant of the week & a package in the post.

I'm not hugely into roses, but this lovely specimen really impressed me this week.  The foliage is so healthy (not a single Black-Spot in sight) and the flowers had such a lovely fragrance.  And check out that blue sky!

My plant of the week this week is this Weigela, which seemed to very quietly spring into life without me noticing.

I received some very lovely fabrics in the post yesterday from M is for Make, which is a Brighton-based mail order fabric and patterns shop.  I have no plans for what this will become yet and really must finish those cushions I started a while back . . . .but I couldn't resist this lovely fabric.  It's from the "In the Kitchen" collection by Alexander Henry.  The apples at the back is a Japanese cotton/linen blend by Kokka & was in the sale.


  1. oh, I LOVE roses, and that one is such a healthy looking specimen.

  2. Thanks for those lovely picture. I'm a fan of all types of botanic, and this just gorgeous. I wish the roses in my garden would look even half of yours.


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