Sunday, 15 May 2011

Malvern Spring Show

I've had a lovely few days away camping, well ok, more like "glamping" really, -not a lot of roughing it involved staying in a posh trailer.

Malvern Spring show is a big Horticultural show, second only to the likes of Hampton Court and Chelsea Flower Shows.  The weather mostly held out for us on show day & we had a fab time.

The highlight for me was definitely the show gardens.

"From Laozi to Heisenerg"  Keni Lee.

"Collision" Christopher Tessier

This next one was awarded a gold medal and Best in Show.  The building is a summer house/office/play room, but I think I'd be quite happy living in there.

 "A Garden for Life" Stuart Gibbs

This next one is my favourite garden in the show.  All the materials and plants used in this garden were sourced within cycling distance of the designer's Worcestershire village.  I love the neatness of all those raised beds on the gravel paths; yet it still retains a cottagey feel to it and with all the veg growing in there it also has a look similar to a potager.  I also really like that big table under the pergola, great for filling the garden with friends and family (and making use of all that fresh veg).

"My Very Local Veg Garden"  Hannah Genders

The floral marquee was full of wonderful plants, perhaps it was lucky I was travelling on the train or it could have got very expensive.

On Saturday we visited Brockhampton Estate, a medieval manor house set in beautiful grounds and woodland.

Just look at that rose, - it had a wonderful fragrance too.

A walk in the woods.

I wonder who lives in here?

A rather bracing plod up in the Malvern Hills rewarded us with these spectacular views.

I really love the English countryside in the Spring, when everything looks lush and at it's very best.

Just beautiful. 

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  1. 'Glamping', LOL. Great shots of the show. Almot as good as being there myself. You take great photos.

    Those alliums with the tulips, etc, looks so great together. I enjoy seeing the combinations other gardeners put together!



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