Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Almost there...

I love starting new projects, I easily get very excited, obsessed and even addicted to things. I get all caught up in what I'm doing & new ideas keep me awake at night. 

Finishing stuff & seeing it through to the end however I find a little bit tough.  What is that all about?  Dunno, but this here rag rug is taking up a big corner of my bedroom when it could be making my floor look ever so lovely instead.  If only I would just pull out my finger (or rug hook rather) & FINISH THE THING! 

 My head tells me "Right that's it Erica, no more working on anything else until you have this rug finished", then it says "Hang on, this is what I do for fun, this isn't about being forced to work on the same project all week long". 

I could probably go on all evening having arguments in my head like a crazy woman.  I think seen as I'm having family to stay next week & need the room space, I need to just bite that bullet & crack on with the rug. 

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