Saturday, 19 February 2011

Goodbye, Old Friend.

Yesterday was a very sad day.  My old friend here played her final tune & has said farewell to this world.  I like to think she has gone to live with all the ipods in the sky.

She's had a busy & hard life with me.  As you can see she is somewhat battered and bruised.  So I bear no resentment toward her, she has been a trusty & reliable friend to me for a long time.  She deserves some peace now.

I cannot live without an ipod though, I spend most of my working day alone & love to listen to podcasts and audio books whilst I work.  I have therefore been mulling over my options today.  The conclusion I have reached, seen as my phone has decided to keep switching itself off several times a day for no apparent reason, is to, maybe, go for the iPhone 4 & kill 2 birds with one stone.  It's an exciting prospect and I'm not sure if I can quite trust myself.  In the often repeated words of my Mum I "can't keep ought nice".  Which basically means I trash things quickly and am not especially careful.  I also have a job which involves a lot of dirt.  But I'm thinking, a good case, a good insurance policy. . . I can. . . can't I?

I've almost justified it!  Anyway I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow & a look in the phone shops around town.  So we'll see if I come back home with a new friend tomorrow...  I'm sure it's what my dear old friend would have wanted after all...

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