Monday, 28 February 2011


Hmm, not best pleased with how my label turned out with the Image Maker.  It's not the lightness of the text, -that can be fixed- it's how stiff & cardboardy it's turned the fabric.  No, this just won't do. 
I've ordered some (expensive) & oddly named Bubble Jet Set 2000.  It conjures up images of retro animated video games, not fabric printing.  But I have seen good results from this & I've got a bee in my bonnet  now so we'll try that out when it comes. 

I can't bear for just a post about failure, so in happy news here is a lovely Lupin just springing into life.  I love the way it's such a miniature version of what it will become in a few months.  Those little Aubretia flowers in the background are setting it off a treat too.  I feel better already.

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