Thursday, 24 February 2011


It's been a beautiful sunny day today.  I've spent all day planting these maiden (one year old) trees along a land boundary.  This little one is Blackthorn but I've also been planting beech, purple beech, hornbeam & holly.  A lovely native hedge that the wildlife will love & trees that will out-live me.  I love the thought of how long these little ones will be around & how big they'll be one day.


  1. Pretty cool how you plant and make quilts- two things that will outlive you. It is such a powerful thing...makes me think that I have got to label my quilts. Do you label yours?

  2. Shamefully I've never labelled a quilt as I haven't sussed out a good way to make a label yet. Need to pull my finger out on that one!


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