Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday Night Sewing

This is a cushion cover that I've been making. 

It's a tiny version of a quilt I made as a Chrismas present for my youngest niece.  I was really happy with the finished quilt so thought I'd make myself a mini version using the leftover fabric.

This is the quilt:

It's not a great photo.  I'm just learning to take my time with photos.  I didn't even photograph the backing, which was a nice green daisy fabric. 

I hand quilted this one, using big utilitarian-type stitches in a neutral coloured Perle no. 8 thread.  I'm annoyed with myself now for doing such a rush job with the photo, because it's hard to see the quilting in the photo.

I'm also going to hand quilt the front panel of the cushion cover in the same thread, so it will be a proper mini-me version of the original quilt.

This is going to be the back of my cushion cover:

Mmmm, I love this fabric.  I got it at a discounted price from the Cath Kidston outlet shop in St. Neots.

As always, I had some issues with the zip.  I was trying to get all fancy with it.  After two sessions of unpicking/ripping in frustration, -which incidentally resulted in me actually breaking my stitch un-picker, I decided to just keep it simple.  I now think it looks better the way it is than when I was trying to get all showy-offy.  But I guess it's always good to try out new things, even if it does go a bit wrong & end in broken tools.  At least no fabric was wasted & I didn't break anything expensive this time.

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