Saturday, 5 March 2011

Big Smoke

Yesterday I had a trip up to London for the day.  First stop was the Hayward Gallery for the British Art Show.  A lot to see & I really enjoyed it.  The highlight for me were the Sarah Lucas Sculptures. 

I'd never been to the Hayward Gallery before, the building looks monstrously ugly from the outside.  All that concrete has not aged well.  Inside it's great though, all those odd shapes really work from the interior.  Tracy Emin is having a retrospective here in May, so I'm definitely going to see that.  I'm sure they'll be a few of her quilts in that exhibition too.

Next up was a bit of retail therapy on Oxford Street.  Topshop had some great displays going on.  I love these stacks of chairs and these cabinets with all the bits & pieces inside.

A short walk from Oxford Street is Liberty of London.  Great shop for inspiration and admiring fabrics.  I'm yet to buy anything from Liberty, but I do like to look.

I fancy making something similar to this cushion I saw in Liberty.  It's linen with all different ribbons sewn on.

This next one was taken in John Lewis.  Not sure I've room for this at home though.

All this in the fabric dept. and I didn't even come home with any!

I'm trying to be a bit restrained as I can buy fabric 'til the cows come home.  I seem to have amassed quite a stash in a short period of time and feel I should use up some of what I've got.  If I see something really special, however, I do grab it of course.

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  1. What self control you have - I can't leave Libertys without a little something in my bag from the habby dept!


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