Saturday, 19 March 2011

Why I don't bake

I don't really bake.  I'm not good at it.  Occasionally I'll have an out of character moment though & decide I'm going to do something a bit creative in the kitchen.  I have a couple of parties to attend tonight & both are of the "bring a dish" variety.  So I thought I'd make quiches. Nice & simple eh?

I even made my own pastry.  I followed a Delia recipe online, but my pastry was not great to roll out.  The first batch of mini-quiches turned out ok.  Not the prettiest in the world but ok.

I don't know if it was over confidence, slippery hands or what, but this is what happened to the next (full size) quiche as it was about to enter the oven:

Not happy.  Next Saturday I'm sticking to sewing & shop-bought.


  1. Oh no! Well done for trying though :o) I've never made a quiche in my life!

  2. oh well done for having a go but I have to tell you pastry is not easy to make so don't let that discourage you. maybe try something a bit simpler next time. At least you had a go and the mini ones look fine!

  3. Quiche on the floor is no good. Sewing is good. :). Hope you had a good time at the parties.

  4. Thanks so much for the comments, they've made me feel much better. x


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